Buyers For Bentonite Powder Equipment

Buyers For Bentonite Powder Equipment

Causes and elimination methods of noise generated by Bentonite Powder Equipment

The working sound of the Bentonite Powder Equipment sometimes becomes a kind of noise pollution.

1 wrapping roller, or holding roller, this situation is due to the large amount of material wrapped in the grinding roller, so that the contaminated grinding roller not only affects the working efficiency, but also generates noise, making the Bentonite Powder Equipment unstable. . Solution Check the cleaning brush to see if there is a problem. If it needs to be replaced, use a scraper to adjust the grinding roller.

2 The distance between the roller bearings of the Bentonite Powder Equipment is not suitable. Generally speaking, the bearing clearance is 0.065 & mdash; 0.090 mm. The clearance must be adjusted to 0.030 & mdash; 0.045 mm when the roller is mounted. If the gap between the bearings is too large, the roller is When working, it will produce radial runout, causing instability and noise. The long time is also an effect on the life of the mill itself. Therefore, always pay attention to adjust the spacing between the roller bearings.

3 The heart-grinding material is not sieved, so that the sieve drying phenomenon occurs. The powder is not screened out in time, so that the buffer between the grinding rolls is lost when the particles are crushed. In addition, the incoming materials are not pure, the feeding is uneven, the grinding machine sometimes emits harsh noise and vibration, and in the case of serious, the winding rolls appear.

The 4 toothed rollers are seriously worn, which is an old problem that all equipments are prone to. The method of handling is good for customers to do timely and daily maintenance. Through the dripping method, the wear of the stick can be checked. If the oil drops one drop at a time, it is suitable. If the surface of the gear is worn, the gear is not evenly meshed. The solution is to disassemble it and smooth the surface.

After inspection, the Bentonite Powder Equipment resumes smooth work. We must remind customers that the noise of the Bentonite Powder Equipment is an external manifestation of abnormal work. It is a sign to judge whether the work is in normal operation. It must not be considered as sound pollution alone, and it is not known that the wear and tear of the equipment has started at this time.

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