Cement Mill Manufacturers In India

Cement Mill Manufacturers In India

Cement Mill feed control

The Cement Mill feeder generally adopts the electromagnetic vibration feeding mode, and the electric vibration machine is a double particle point directed forced vibration system. It consists of a trough body, a coupling fork and an armature. The whole electric vibrating feeder should be suspended in a free state, there should be a certain swimming clearance around, and there should be no material to collide with the feeder to avoid noise during operation. After installation, loosen the screws used to position the connecting fork and check the time. After loosening, tighten the nut.

Next, open the back cover of the vibrator, check whether the air gap between the iron core and the armature is within the range of 1.8~2.1mm, whether it is parallel and clean, and check whether all the screws are loose, especially the compacted iron core and the armature and leaf spring. Screw, everything is normal and the back cover is covered. Then power on the no-load test, adjust the potentiometer, slowly increase from small, adjust the amplitude, observe the amplitude and current changes, the amplitude is 1.75-7%, the current is 0.6~2.5A, continuous operation for more than 1h to see the amplitude and Whether the current is stable and the screws in all parts are loose.

Under all normal conditions, open the silo gate for material transport, and observe the amplitude again (the amplitude is allowed to drop by 0.5mm after opening the silo. If the drop is too large, check the chute and adjust the elastic system according to the vibrating feeder instructions. ) Whether the current is stable and whether the feed amount meets the requirements. If the amplitude and current are at the rated value, if the feeding amount still fails to meet the requirements, the vibrator can be hoisted into a downward inclination to meet the feeding amount requirement, but the large inclination angle (the angle between the tank and the horizontal) Not more than 20 degrees.

The use of the feeder also requires the user to pay attention to it. No matter the accessories of any Cement Mill, it has a great influence on the final production effect. As a professional Cement Mill manufacturer, A&C produces various types of milling equipment, including Cement Mill, ultra-fine Raymond mill, ultra-fine grinding, etc. Welcome new and old customers to come to choose. purchase.

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