Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher For Sale

Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher For Sale

Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher


The Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher is one of the many crushing equipment models. It is composed of the body, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, fixed boring plate, moving boring plate and adjusting mechanism. It is simple in structure, high in energy saving, environmentally friendly and low in carbon, and operates. Convenient, small investment and other characteristics, widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing, sand and stone, chemical and other departments. What is the output of the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher? Is the price high? This article will give you a detailed analysis of the analysis.

Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher production and parameters introduction

The Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher is a small crusher with a small model. The outer dimensions of the equipment are 1730x1730x1630mm, the feed port size is 400x600mm, the allowable feed size is within 340mm, and the discharge opening is adjusted. 40-100mm, the eccentric shaft speed is 275r/min, the motor power of the equipment reaches 4p30Kw, and the total weight of the body is 7t. Under ideal conditions, the processing capacity for different materials is in the range of 16-60t/h.

How to improve the output of Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher

The output range of the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher is basically fixed, but how to operate reasonably and carry out certain improvement measures will greatly increase the output and be more conducive to the improvement of the economic benefits of the enterprise.

  • 1. Operation and maintenance: The customer must operate and maintain the equipment according to the operating procedures given by the manufacturer to ensure normal and efficient operation of the equipment, which will help to increase production;
  • 2, diesel engine oil replacement: to change the type of oil with the season, such as winter low temperature environment, to choose higher performance oil, can better improve the crusher production, and extend the life;
  • 3. Replacement of parts: Regularly and timely replace the bearings, moving parts and other components of the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher to maintain the normalization of each component and avoid the aging affecting the efficient operation of the equipment;
  • 4. Material selection: It is scientific and suitable for the selection of materials. If the diameter is too large or the hardness is too high, it will affect the efficient operation of the equipment. Only when the materials are suitable, can the crusher be more efficient and the output high.

Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher price

Is the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher expensive? Because its model is small, it is more suitable for medium and small-scale manufacturers, so its price is relatively cheap, and it is more easily accepted by investment users. In particular, A&C is an excellent professional crusher manufacturer in China, with rich production experience and mature production. Technology, so the Chrome Ore Lumpy Crusher provided to customers in addition to better quality, the price will be more favorable.

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