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Coal Briquette Machine Supplier Indonesia

Coal Briquette Machine


River pebbles, a kind of rock material which is more common for the production of artificial sand, often requires some sand and sand making equipment, such as Coal Briquette Machine and fine crusher, for its processing. As a new type of crushing machine, the Coal Briquette Machine not only inherits the advantages of the old crusher, but also makes a great improvement on the basis of it. Therefore, it is more suitable to use it to treat the river pebble. Based on this, what is the investment efficiency of the Coal Briquette Machine? The detailed answers are as follows:

Coal Briquette Machine advantage

  • 1. After upgrading and upgrading, the amount of sand produced by the Coal Briquette Machine can be up to 1-2 times that of the traditional sand making equipment under the same power;
  • 2. The sand and gravel materials processed by the Coal Briquette Machine are mostly cubic, with good grain shape, reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus, which can fully meet the current construction sand production demand;
  • 3. The important parts are all made of high-quality castings and profiles, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the whole machine;
  • 4. In addition to the observation door left in the fuselage, the new Coal Briquette Machine also uses a hydraulic opening device, which is more convenient for later maintenance and observation equipment operation.
  • 5. Change the blast design of the old crusher and adopt a unique air self-circulation system to reduce the amount of air discharged at the same time, and also reduce the dust leakage during the operation of the Coal Briquette Machine, and then realize the green sand making operation.

Coal Briquette Machine investment benefit

The new Coal Briquette Machine is continuously improved based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The optimized design of the deep cavity rotor of the machine increases the sand import volume of the material by about 30%, and the partial wear of the peripheral shield can be U-turn and use, improve material utilization, increase the life of the equipment by more than 48%. In addition, in terms of production capacity, the new Coal Briquette Machine can reach 60-520t/h, so the investment efficiency of the machine is still better than the old crusher.

River pebble sand production line

The whole set of river cobble sand production processes are generally configured as vibrating feeders, Coal Briquette Machines, cone crushers, high-efficiency sand making machines, belt conveyors, circular vibrating screens, sand washing machines, and the like. Among them, the Coal Briquette Machine is indispensable as its core equipment, and other equipment is mainly used for auxiliary sand production. The specific river pebble sand production line process is as follows:

Firstly, the river pebble material is firstly fed into the 2YK2460 vibrating screen by GZD-1500× 5600 vibrating feeder, and the material less than 150cm is sieved out. The material larger than 150mm enters PE-1200× the 1500 Coal Briquette Machine is coarsely broken. After the crushed material, the adjusted silo with a particle size larger than 50mm enters two PSG 1608 composite cone crushers for fine crushing, and then sieved through a vibrating sieve. The material larger than 32.5mm needs to enter the cone again to break, less than 32.5. The mm material enters the HJ series Coal Briquette Machine for shaping, and the shaped material is sand and gravel aggregate after being cleaned by XS3500 sand washing machine. The finished product size is 31.5-20mm, 20-10mm, 10-5mm, 5 -0mm.

Coal Briquette Machine price consultation

Even the same type of Coal Briquette Machine, because of the different models, the amount of raw materials consumed is not equal, so the price of Coal Briquette Machines under different specifications and specifications is not equal, in addition, the price of Coal Briquette Machines is also Will vary according to the difference of accessories, so how much is the specific Coal Briquette Machine in the market? If you need to report the material you want to process in time, we will estimate the investment cost for you based on your original conditions for free.

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