Concrete Crushing Machines Costs

Concrete Crushing Machines Costs

Concrete Crushing Machine seesaw

The Concrete Crushing Machine jaw is the core equipment for crushing materials, but it also affects the frequent damage and replacement of the jaws due to the accumulation of materials and material properties. However, if the purchase is not appropriate, not only will it not reach the previous crushing force, but it will also be damaged quickly. So how do you choose a high quality fascia? In addition to selecting the model that meets the model, pay attention to the following three points.

1. Inspection of the manufacturing process of the raft

When selecting the jaws of the Concrete Crushing Machine, it is indispensable for the inspection of the manufacturing process. If there are small defects such as small cracks, shrinkage holes, and through crystals in the interior or surface of the slabs sold by the supplier, we purchase such slabs. When it is rejected, although it is less, it will reduce the performance of the seesaw and even cause the seesaw to break. Therefore, when purchasing, the slab must be made with a reasonable casting and heat treatment process. The development of a reasonable production process and strict quality inspection methods is a prerequisite for ensuring the performance of the raft.

2, the investigation of the material of the seesaw

Generally, the material of the raft is made of high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron and low carbon alloy steel. Among them, high manganese steel is commonly used in Concrete Crushing Machines, with high wear resistance, good toughness and good high temperature resistance. Its work hardening index is about 6 times higher than other materials, while high chromium cast iron has high corrosion resistance. However, it is imported into high-manganese steel in all aspects, and the low-carbon alloy steel is suitable for other crushing equipment applications. Currently, this material is rarely used in China. Through the comparison of these three materials, you should choose the application of high manganese steel material slab, which is not only specially made for crushing harder stone, but also cost-effective slab.

3. Investigation on the design of raft structure

The design of the Concrete Crushing Machine jaw plate directly affects the future crushing work. The jaws of different structures and geometries have different crushing properties. The thicker the fascia is, the harder it is forged, and the worse its wear resistance. Of course, the design of the seesaw is reasonable, not only can improve the service life, but also can fully break the material, especially the optimized design of the seesaw structure to improve the utilization rate. Therefore, when purchasing, the structure of the seesaw should be considered and analyzed.

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