Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts From China

Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts From China

Gyratory Crusher discharge adjustment

The original crushing system of a concentrator has high cost and low efficiency. In response to this situation, the concentrator purchased a Gyratory Crusher from A&C Industrial Technology Group. Due to the large crushing ratio of the crusher, the operation and maintenance aspects are less investment. With the advantages, the Gyratory Crusher has been successfully applied in the beneficiation and crushing system, and has achieved good results.

First. Ore properties and current status of the original beneficiation process

1. Ore properties

The ore type of the Erdaogou gold deposit in Liaoning is medium-sulfur polymetallic ore, which is a medium-hard ore with a ore density of 2.78t/m3. Metal minerals include pyrite, chalcopyrite, arsenic bismuth ore, sphalerite, galena, porphyrite and copper blue; the main gangue minerals are quartz, feldspar, kaolin, hornblende, calcite, etc. . The ore is basically free of mud and has very little water content. Except for gold, silver and copper, other metal elements have no recovery value.

2. Status of the original beneficiation process

The original crushing process of a concentrating plant is two sections and one closed circuit. One section is crushed by 250× 400 type Gyratory Crusher, the second section is crushed by 150× 750 type Gyratory Crusher, and the screening adopts ZD1526 inertial vibrating screen. The mesh size is 20mm & time; 20mm, the large ore size of the ore is 210mm, the final particle size of the product is -20mm, and the total crushing ratio is 10.5. The ore size entering the original mine bin is controlled by the 200mm× 200mm grid set on the original mine bin.

Second, the modified concentrator

The crushing process after the transformation of a concentrator is shown in the figure below. The original beneficiation process of a mineral processing plant is due to backward equipment, low crushing efficiency and high energy consumption. In 2008, Erdaogou Mining Company carried out a technical transformation of the raw ore crushing process, and changed a section of coarse crushing equipment into 400× 600 type Gyratory Crusher, fine-breaking equipment changed to K-1250 Gyratory Crusher, the sieve still uses ZD1526 inertial vibrating screen, but the mesh size is changed from 20mm× 20mm to 10mm× 10mm, which reduces the final particle size. In this way, the size of the large ore is changed to -350mm, and the original ore granule can be relaxed to 350mm× 350mm, which reduces the pressure of the artificial lumps, reduces the final particle size of the broken product (-10mm), and improves the crushing ratio. The total crushing ratio is 35. As a result, it has achieved “multiple crushing and less grinding”, and reduced the energy consumption and cost of mineral processing, which has the purpose of energy saving and efficiency, and also because of the improvement of crushing capacity, which laid the foundation for further expansion of production capacity of a later concentrating plant.

Third, the application effect of Gyratory Crusher

The Gyratory Crusher was put into use in a concentrating plant in May 2008. It has been working well, the product size has reached the design requirements, and the total cost of mineral processing has also dropped a lot, achieving the goal of energy saving and efficiency improvement.

Before the transformation of a concentrator, the particle size of the crushed product is 0-20mm. After using the Gyratory Crusher, the particle size of the product is reduced to below -10mm, which not only improves the crushing efficiency, but also reduces the particle size level. In the ordinary mine production, it is found that the Gyratory Crusher has high crushing efficiency for the current ore, and at the same time reduces the labor intensity of the workers and improves the crushing efficiency.

The installed capacity of the two main equipments in the crushing section before the renovation was 33.5kW. The installed capacity of the two crushing equipments after the transformation was 105kW. Although the installed capacity increased a lot, the crushing efficiency increased and the grinding grain size decreased. More broken and less grinding & rdquo;. The grinding work index decreased from 0.8kW ·h/t to 0.7kW·h/t, while the unit consumption of grinding media (ie steel ball) decreased from 1.4kg/t to 0.9kg/t, which also extended the ball mill. The service life of the liner. After the transformation, it can save a set of ball mill liners every year before the transformation. The processing capacity of the ball mill has also increased from 200t/d to 220t/d, and the processing capacity has a lot of spare capacity, so the overall beneficiation cost has dropped a lot.

By changing to the Gyratory Crusher produced by A&C Industrial Technology Group, the concentrator increased the ore size of the concentrator, reduced the final product size, improved the crushing efficiency, and achieved “multiple crushing and less grinding”. The goal of increasing efficiency has greatly reduced the production cost of the concentrator.

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