Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale

Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale

South Africa Jaw Crusher installation steps

The South Africa Jaw Crusher is one of the commonly used equipments in the crushing production line and the sand making production line. Due to the higher crushing output, larger crushing ratio, simple operation and good wear resistance, it is possible to properly install the South Africa Jaw Crusher for the whole The production line has a great influence. Shanghai A&C will teach you five steps to install the South Africa Jaw Crusher to improve the business.

The first step, the South Africa Jaw Crusher mainframe is fixed on the foundation of the concrete level by anchor bolts, which is more conducive to the crushing efficiency and function of the crusher, which greatly reduces the safety of the crusher during the crushing process.

The second step, the South Africa Jaw Crusher should pay attention to the balance between the main body and the ground, so that in the production of the machine, the hammer is more effective in crushing the stone during operation, and the balance of the force is more favorable to the crusher. Balanced mutual wear and more safely increase the life of the crusher.

The third step, the equipment after installation should be checked whether it is fixed firmly, check whether the bolts in various parts are loose, whether the main engine door is fastened, whether the South Africa Jaw Crusher main shaft can operate normally, whether the lubricating oil is filled, etc. Reasonable places should be dealt with in a timely manner.

The fourth step, the installed South Africa Jaw Crusher should be equipped with a power cord, must be equipped according to the requirements of the manual and the rated power of the equipment, as well as the safety of the control switch to ensure the normal power supply, the safety of the power supply.

The fifth step, After completing the inspection of the South Africa Jaw Crusher, carry out the test machine, first open the switch to see if the South Africa Jaw Crusher can operate normally to ensure that there is no problem, and then carry out the material further operation, no problem. The next step is to carry out the load test machine of the crusher. After the test machine is finished, the work can be carried out normally.

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