Limestone Crusher 50 Tph Top Brand

Limestone Crusher 50 Tph Top Brand

The key to safe production of Limestone Crushers

Albite is a common feldspar mineral, generally a glassy crystal. It is the main raw material for the manufacture of glass and ceramics. It is broken and the Limestone Crusher has great credit. The equipment has large crushing capacity, strong crushing force and simple structure. The investment cost is low, so it is welcomed by many sodium feldspar production enterprises or users, but the Limestone Crusher is a Limestone Crusher after all, without consciousness, so its safe production is a problem that needs attention, then Shanghai A&C is here. Remind to introduce the two key points of safe production of Limestone Crushers.

1. Limestone Crusher maintenance

The maintenance of the Limestone Crusher itself is beneficial to the safe production of the equipment to a certain extent. There are three aspects: First, to ensure proper internal temperature during the operation of the Limestone Crusher, because a large amount of heat will be generated due to friction during use, if this heat cannot be accumulated in time, it will be damaged in the Limestone Crusher. Limestone Crusher, sometimes too high temperature will destroy the shaft and other components of the equipment to make it deform; Second, the regular maintenance of Limestone Crusher parts, Limestone Crusher often makes screws due to the huge force in the production process. Looseness is not conducive to safety, so parts are regularly repaired on time; thirdly, the equipment is lubricated in time, and the equipment is often lubricated to make it work more efficiently. It is not easy to wear the Limestone Crusher, which is conducive to safe production.

2. Feeding of albite raw materials

Because the feeding of raw materials will also lead to the safety of the production of Limestone Crushers, for this, at the beginning of the feeding, the impurities in the materials that affect the equipment, such as iron blocks, should be picked out, and they should be picked out. Otherwise, Will destroy the smash of the Limestone Crusher, resulting in the Limestone Crusher not working properly; second, the feeding should be even, so that it will not be caused by too much albite material stuck in the inlet or too little material. The Limestone Crusher wastes production capacity, and the feeding is reasonable is also the key to safe production.

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