Steel Slag Crushing Plant Manufacturer

Steel Slag Crushing Plant Manufacturer

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“The smith”: In the Qing Dynasty, Li Yu wrote: “The workers, the equipment, and the craftsmanship are also”. In the modern industry, it is impossible to abandon the traditional craftsmanship spirit. As early as in the 2016 government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed: “Encourage all enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, and cultivate the craftsmanship spirit of excellence”. Nowadays, the craftsman spirit is regarded as a decision-making level consensus. It can be seen that the craftsman spirit is not just about talking, but also to the actual corporate philosophy.

As a A&C supplier of the old generation of traditional enterprises, we always adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, from “ingenuity” to “the soul of the craft”, no matter the design and production of the equipment, we are striving to create a domestic craftsman with the craftsman. At the same time, we are striving to achieve the goal of “Made in China” & Rarquo;“China’s finest ”→“China’s creation, and the current Steel Slag Crushing Machine produced by A&C suppliers has been put on the line!

Steel Slag Crushing Machine innovation

The Steel Slag Crushing Machine is a new upgrade and skill development for the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. It was launched in 10 minutes in 2017. The sales in the market have been all the same, and the user’s reputation has soared. It is called “the crushing expert of the stone production line”. It is a good companion for hard rock production lines such as marble, quartz stone, granite, basalt, pebbles, etc. It has an hourly capacity of up to 1100t and is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence, which will bring more convenience and convenience to customers. A more stable on-site experience. The technical breakthrough highlights of the equipment are as follows:

a. The fixed design of the spindle is more advanced. The structure with the eccentric sleeve rotating around the main shaft can withstand 1.5 times the crushing power and greatly improve the processing capacity of the single machine.

b. Using the principle of laminating and crushing, the crushing between the materials is more thorough, the crushing efficiency is improved, and the finished product has excellent grain size and reasonable grain size, which is the choice for producing high quality aggregates;

c. Computer control system, touch screen operating system, realizes the innovative technical concept of “human-machine integration”, which is easy to operate and runs more smoothly;

d, visual operation process design, automatic feeding and conveying, and accompanied by lubricating oil flow monitoring system, equipment daily maintenance and maintenance is more convenient;

e. The concept of environmental protection and energy conservation is integrated, which is 2-3 times higher than that of the traditional Steel Slag Crushing Machine. There is almost no pollution such as dust and noise.

Steel Slag Crushing Machine Customer Feedback

With the advent of craftsmanship, Steel Slag Crushing Machines are built to the standards of craftsmanship and stand out in the highly competitive modern market. They have become popular in the industry and have performed well in practical applications and have been highly recognized by users. “We have been working with A&C suppliers for many years. The Steel Slag Crushing Machine that we purchased this time is really good. There are almost no faults in use, and the operation is very simple, which saves us nearly 40% of installations. Operation, maintenance costs, and efficient work, high yield, the quality of the produced stone is high, the price in the market is high, the industrial value is improved, and overall it is very easy to use. ” Manager of the Hebei Granite Processing Plant manager Tian said.

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