Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill Installation

Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill Installation

Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill Installation

According to the survey, the function of Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill is very powerful and able to meet the needs of a wide range of manufacturers of rolled materials. However, before using Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill, we must install Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill to be sure to use it. And the installation of Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill is a technical live, not simple!

First need to determine the reference point, and then follow the reference point to measure the vertical position of the mill with tape and gage. Determine the location of the need to clear the ground, so that there is no pebbles and other flat. Next, fix the base bracket and washer, and then clean the same need to slow down the surface of the base of impurities, and then install the reducer on the base of the host. The same motor base is also installed with the same reducer. In order to prevent these vertical grinding base parts is not solid, of course, need to be welded together. And the need to fully take into account the welding may cause distortion of the parts, so you must make a pre-welding parts ready to distort the preparation, so that after welding does not affect the twisting of the base.

After the above steps are completed, the next step is the operation of filling the Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill, but should be fully prepared before grouting. Removal of loose concrete components requires a wet concrete surface and the effect of the weather on the grout should be taken into consideration so sufficient preparation is required before grouting. Following the vertical grinding heart, reducer. Before installing reducer must check and clean the floor impurities and then under the floor of epoxy resin, in order to ensure the normal operation of reducer. The disc can be cleaned through the locating holes above the grinding wheel placed on the reducer, but must ensure that the disc level reducer, can not be tilted, screw tighten after the installation of the disc.

Rocker arm device installed before the need to lay the oil and correct the direction of rocker rotation, the same roller also need to marked with oil. After comparing the rocker arm and grinding roller on the disc, with loading and unloading tools can be well supported. Of course, the Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill is also indispensable to install the separator, the first installation of the shell, and then connect the angle and the bolt in accordance with the pre-painted mark for welding, welding and cutting mouth after the comparison, and then install the rotor and separator drive equipment, Separator installed. Of course, there are equally important equipment to be installed, it is the power of Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill, the main motor. After comparing the design requirements of the installation of water pipes for cooling water pipe installation, a Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill so completed.

Need to achieve excellence in the installation process, in order to achieve Talcum Powder Ultrafine Mill quality, in order to meet customer needs.

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