Ultrafine Mill Lubrication Failure

Ultrafine Mill Lubrication Failure

Cause of lubrication failure

There are many reasons for the failure of Ultrafine Mill, which can be the reason for the design of Ultrafine Mill itself, the cause of Ultrafine Mill raw material, or the reason of surrounding environmental impact. But among these factors, the lubrication failure is more likely to occur in the breakup of the Ultrafine Mill.

When the Ultrafine Mill runs, there will be friction between metal parts, and friction will generate a lot of heat. Too much heat will accelerate the corrosion of metal parts and reduce the service life of Ultrafine Mill, so lubrication is very important for Ultrafine Mills.

The cause of the Ultrafine Mill lubrication fault mainly, the improper selection of lubricant lubrication mode unreasonable, lubrication device cumbersome, the staff did not grasp the lubrication points, these factors seriously affect the normal operation of the Ultrafine Mill, bring adverse effects, therefore, must take effective measures to prevent lubricating breakdowns. To ensure the normal operation of the Ultrafine Mill.

Measures To Prevent The Lubrication Failure Of Ultrafine Mill

To prevent the occurrence of lubrication failure of Ultrafine Mill, we need not only to have a positive attitude, but also to strengthen overall control and management. We should analyze problems from the whole system and take feasible and effective preventive measures to ensure the normal operation of the Ultrafine Mill. Enough attention should be paid to the key and vulnerable parts. Only in this way can the efficiency of the machine be improved and the efficiency of the enterprise be improved.

  • 1, the beginning of the design, according to the characteristics of Ultrafine Mill and environmental conditions to determine the structure, parameters, and selection of materials and lubricating oil, lubricating device, or to ensure as far as possible to make transmission parts with good lubrication in the work process, for the special requirements of the Ultrafine Mill, can be specially designed.
  • 2, when manufacturing equipment, we must strictly control the selection of Ultrafine Mill raw material, the machining accuracy, process plan and assembly of Ultrafine Mill parts, and at the same time, we need to consider to satisfy the formation conditions of dynamic pressure oil film lubrication as much as possible, and facilitate the lubrication treatment when the Ultrafine Mill runs.
  • 3, the purchase of the Ultrafine Mill, to choose the industry reputation of the brand, not in order to save costs, and the choice of Ultrafine Mill inferior; at the start of the Ultrafine Mill, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, to regularly test the lubrication system working condition; in the choice of transmission parts, should according to their own conditions and work crushing machine environmental choice, choose the most suitable but not the best.
  • 4, the use of equipment, to observe, to do early diagnosis, timely troubleshooting, strengthen equipment maintenance, so that energy consumption is reduced to the minimum degree, the use of Ultrafine Mill rate increased to the highest level, in addition, but also improve the occupation accomplishment and the ability of individuals Ultrafine Mill operators, operators are in the ability to find and solve failures.

Gear transmission is the main transmission mode of Ultrafine Mill. Proper lubrication can not only improve the working condition of gears, keep the best working state of Ultrafine Mills, but also fundamentally extend the service life of gears, improve the working efficiency of Ultrafine Mills, and bring more economic benefits to enterprises.

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